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Module 4: Watch – COVID19 Impact

Watch Business as usual is no longer an option. We are living in an increasingly uncertain world. Temperatures are rising, droughts are more frequent, food supplies are increasingly scarce, the gap between rich and poor is growing. With change though, comes opportunity. Businesses that thrive in the future will be those that serve society today. …

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Module 4: Share

Share Post your ideas about ways that your company might respond to COVID to create a more sustainable future. Review posts from your fellow learners, do they give you any ideas? Head to the forum here. Make sure to complete the Quiz for Module 4.  

Module 4: Do

Do First think about the ways that COVID has impacted your company, its suppliers, customers, and employees. What are some changes that would improve your company’s ability to sustainably respond to COVID or future uncertainty? How would this create a win for your company?

Module 4: Read

Read Dive deeper into what purpose-led means. It is a shift away from organizations just being focused on profits to actually standing for something and giving back to the world, socially and environmentally. This purpose ultimately becomes the ‘why’ and the driving force behind every action the organization makes. This module’s eBook is loaded with …

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