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Module 5: Share

Share Share your collaboration need on the forum, and have a look at what others have posted, perhaps you can make a connection! Head to the forum here. Make sure to complete the First and Second Quiz for Module 5.

Module 5: Do

Do First think about some ways that you might start to work toward your SDG. Are there any collaborators who might be able to help you to make progress as you work toward your goal? Are these collaborators already in your network, where might you find them? Are there any collaborators you think you need, …

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Module 5: Read

Read Get inspired by cases studies of successful collaborations that further the SDGs. Find tools that you can use to manage your collaborations. Consider some ways that collaboration has changed due to the COVID pandemic, and how that might create opportunity. Finally, take time to consider the tactical means of collaboration: the method, frequency, timing, …

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